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Boris Coffee • Kamek Blend 901

RM 45.00

Be it the Arabica from Sarawak’s northern highland, or the Liberica from the southern lowland, coffee farmers are busy farming regardless of ethnic background. Coffee is their common language. Try the Kamek Blend 901. Be indulged and surprise yourself with the fusion of Arabica and Liberica. You will appreciate how much joy Sarawak’s melting cultural pot could bring. In Sarawak language, kamek means we or ours.

无论是砂拉越北部高原的Arabica,或者南部平地的Liberica,不同的族群在各自的咖啡园里忙活着,咖啡成了他们的共同语言。喝着Kamek Blend 901,品味着Arabica和Liberica交融而成的惊喜,你应该也感受到文化交融的喜悦。在砂拉越语言中,kamek的意思是“我们”。

Roast: Medium Dark
Net Weight: 250g

Content: Sarawak Arabica, Lawas Highland; Washed = 90%
Variety: Catimor
Altitude: 989 - 1,003 MASL

Content: Sarawak Liberica; Sun Dried = 10%
Altitude: Sarawak Low Land
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate / Palm Sugar / Hints Of Clove

- Whole Bean
- Ground: Let us know which is your coffee brewing device.

  • French Press
  • V60
  • Coffee Maker
  • Aeropress
  • Moka Pot
  • Espresso

产品故事: Kamek Blend ,道地砂拉越拼配咖啡诞生记。