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古晋老巴刹:历史掌故与生活变迁 | Kuching Old Bazaar: Its History and Changes

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As one of the earliest settlements in Sarawak, Kuching Old Bazaar has witnessed many important historical moments over the course of 200 years. The Old Bazaar community also kept with them many precious collective memories. From the collection of memories, we can trace the footprint of development of Kuching from the past and its transformation until present day.  

This book is presented in both Chinese and English by focusing on the historical anecdotes of Old Bazaar and the memory of the community. References were made by using existing documents such as Sarawak Gazette, English and Chinese academic papers, monographs, and publications of the Chinese associations. Apart from that, interviews were conducted with more than 10 Old Bazaar folks between the age of 45 to 95. At the same time, the assistance from Dr Elena Chai and her students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak were solicited in the interview survey of 75 shops in Old Bazaar.

This book contains eight chapter of historical anecdotes, 11 chapters related to changing lifestyles and a conclusion chapter. The timeline of Old Bazaar is presented in a way that facilitates the understanding of readers. Old photos of the Bazaar were reproduced from published work and those shared by bazaar folks with indication of sources.

The publication of this book brings about three important connotations. Firstly, it is the first monograph focusing both on the social history and oral history of Old Bazaar. Secondly, this book combines information obtained from Chinese and English literature, and materials from the Chinese associations which are largely missing in official records and publications. The complementary information from the Chinese community and Chinese associations enabled a more comprehensive perspective on the Old Bazaar. Thirdly, although this book is written based on academic work, it is presented in an easy-to-understand and relaxing manner to enable the reading pleasure of the local and tourist alike.

Authors: Chai Yu, Helen Ten Yien Hsia, Tay Yit Ping

Editors: Mike Yong Hua Lee, Chen Li Sze

Translators: Dr Elena Chai, Poh Sze Lyn, Chong Su Phei, Kairos Wong

Illustrator: Kho Ah Thong

Cover Designer: Mike Yong Hua Lee

Publisher: Kuching Old Market Community Association
34, Carpenter Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak.

印刷:InfoGrafik Press Sdn Bhd
Printer: Lot 201, Jalan Nipah, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

First Edition: 15-02-2021

Second Edition: 15-04-2021

Price: RM38.00

ISBN 978-967-19472-0-3

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