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古晋是砂拉越的首府,也是最大的城市,这里有许多传统老行业,比如杂货店、打铁铺、报贩、船夫、裁缝师、中药铺等,都在见证岁月的变迁和城市的发展。设计师Mike Yong以素描的方式,记录这些老行业,制作成一套12张色彩亮丽的明信片,具有珍贵的收藏价值。

There are many traditional trades in Kuching, Sarawak. We can still find grocery shops and Chinese medicine shops in and around Kuching. There are also carpenters, newspaper vendors, boat operators, tailors, etc. diligently going about their trade daily. Through the passage of time, these trades have witnessed the evolution and transformation of this city.  Designer, Mike Yong illustrated this evolution and transformation in a set of 12-piece colourful postcards which we should all cherish and keep. It is definitely a not-to-be-missed collector's item.

绘图:Mike Yong
设计:Mike Yong
创意:Chai KS

材料:Ivory Card 250gsm / CMYK Full Colour Printing / Normal Packaging