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益母草姜酒鸡料理包 | Kacangma & Halia Wine Chicken Ready to Cook Pack

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Motherwort is a common herb in Borneo. Hakka people often call "fake green hemp", transliterated in Malay kacangma. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica", a Chinese herbology volume written by Li Shizhen, its roots, stems, flowers, leaves and seeds can all be used as medicine. The effect is to promote blood circulation, regulate menstruation, remove blood stasis and relieve pain, diuresis and reduce swelling, and is of great help in regulating the uterus, detoxifying postpartum and abdominal pain.

Motherwort is combined with old ginger, rice wine and a medicinal meal cooked with native chicken, which has good color, fragrance, and high nourishing and nutritious value. It was originally only Malaysia, and women of Hakka origin in Sarawak made confinement food that was tonic during confinement. Later, because of the deep flavor of the ingredients, "kacangma ginger wine chicken" has gradually become a household name, and it is a Sarawak delicacy that is very popular even by non-Chinese aboriginals.

Pack Ingredients: Kacangma leaves, Borneo local ginger

【料理包烹制法 Ready to Cook Methods】


Stir fried chicken with sesame oil, add in the kacangma leaf powder, pour in the Chinese white wine & stew for about 20 minutes. Lastly, add in the ginger powder & you are ready to serve. You may add some water according to personal preference, also add in salt or sugar etc. to your own taste.

Weight: 60gsm

Height: 18cm
Width: 11.5cm
Depth: 2.5cm