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A cat from “Cat City” the capital of Sarawak“, embarks on a trip north. Along the journey, the cat encounters many people with different languages and finds out that he can be called so many different names in the one and same country: “Mao” by the Chinese, “Kucing” or “Pusak” by the Malays, “Sieng” by the Melanau people, “Mayao” by the Ibans, “Singau” by the Bidayuh, “Punai” by the Indians and more… All in all, the “Sarawak Cat Family” use more than 8 different languages to call a cat! Hence revealing an amusing fact of life for a multicultural people.

绘图:Phay Yung
设计:Mike Yong
创意:Chai KS

材料:Ivory Card 250gsm / CMYK Full Colour Printing / Normal Packaging
配套:一套 8张