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糖宴亚答姜糖 | Gula Atap Ginger

RM 35.00

净重: 200gsm /罐




Gula Atap Ginger refined and boiled by ancient methods, pure natural without additives, rich in vitamin B complex, etc., instant brewing, convenient to drink.

Gula Atap Ginger is an instant drink, just brewed in hot water, the aroma of gula apong (gula atap, a kind of palm sugar which is famous in Sarawak) and ginger is mixed and delivered to the tip of the nose. The high-quality Bornean ginger can warm the stomach and dispel wind. The infusion of Atap Sugar enriches the taste of ginger tea and also imparts nutrients.

Gula Atap is a representative Sarawak product. It can be used in beverages, pastry ingredients, and food. It is deeply loved by people of all ethnic groups in Sarawak.



亚答姜糖 ,来自雨林的甜蜜温暖。