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Asper Activated Bamboo Carbon Clay Mask

RM 95.00

A Black and Muddy Bamboo Carbon Clay that Whiten and Clean your skin.

Asper Activated Bamboo Carbon Clay Mask

At Asper, we harness the power of nature in our products.
Grown on the soil of Borneo, the D.Asper or “Buluh Betong” bamboo is used to produce the activated carbon for making our Activated Bamboo Carbon Clay Mask.

Activated Bamboo Carbon
• Detoxify the skin and absorbs impurities
• Minimizes pores
• Acne prevention
• Helps improve skin texture and radiance

Kaolin Clay
• Removes impurities in skin
• Rich with beneficial minerals
• Deep cleansing effect, especially oily skin
• Exfoliates the skin, leaving you with radiant glow

Combining two of nature's ingredient, we have created a product which is 100% pure & all natural.

The Founder’s testimonial.

Asper Founder testimony

It all started with my personal skin problem. I had very bad facial skin blemishes, very sensitive skin, large open pores, oily skin and very prone to breakouts. With frequent visit to skin specialist for treatment for 2 years, it never solves the problem of my skin.

As we are in the business of producing bamboo biochar for agricultural usage and activated bamboo carbon, I was told that activated bamboo carbon can help to cure my skin problem.

Without hesitation, I used the activated bamboo carbon powder and applied it to my face. In a week's time, I noticed a huge difference to my facial skin. It was healing. Blemishes were disappearing. My childhood friend noticed the differences after I used the activated bamboo carbon powder and its natural healing properties.

Through this, we realised that key active compounds inside the activated bamboo carbon effectively cleanse the skin, unclog pores, remove impurities deep in the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. This leads to smoother and supple skin with even skin tones. The activated bamboo carbon attracts dirt, toxin, heavy metals, chemicals and helps to wash it away.






Net weight: 50g