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Bario Mountain Salt | 巴里奥高山盐 200G x 2 - Set 套

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TREASURE OF SARAWAK: Bario Mountain Salt, product from Bario Highlands, a plateau with altitude around 1000 meters North-eastern of Sarawak. Mountain salt is another local Kelabit people’s specialty product, aside from famous Bario rice.

Bario Mountain Salt is product from Bario salt springs, such as Lubang Garam Pa Umor. Water from the springs are salty, boiled until water is evaporated, and the baked in bamboo till dry to produce these specialty mountain salt.

砂拉越的宝藏——巴里奥高山盐是来自巴里奥高原的产品,位于砂拉越东北部的高原海拔约 1000 米。除了著名的巴里奥米,山盐正是当地科拉必族另一种特产。

巴里奥高山盐源自巴里奥盐泉,如Pa Umor盐泉。它的泉水是咸的,将泉水煮沸至水分蒸发,在竹子中烘干,就制成这种特产山盐。

● pure natural product, maintaining it’s natural brownish colour
● no over-process or artificial bleaching
● salt contain more natural minerals, high level of iodine
● iodine promote thyroid health – for better body metabolism & heart’s health
● preserve color and texture of cooked food

● 纯天然产品,保持天然棕褐色
● 没有过度加工或人工漂白
● 高山盐含有更多天然矿物质,而且碘含量高
● 碘促进甲状腺健康、身体新陈代谢和心脏健康
● 保留熟食的色泽和质地

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