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The Mystery of the Little Red Dudou Boy + Dudou 1884 Board game 红肚兜男孩 + 肚兜1884桌游

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这是一个改编自1884年古晋老街大火的故事。 当时狂烧了五个小时,数百栋店屋烧成灰烬。 突然的一场倾盆大雨扭转乾坤,灭了大火,造就奇迹...... 这到底是怎么一回事呢? 当时砂拉越古晋老街华人的生活面貌又是怎么样的一片景色呢?

“The Mystery of the Little Red Dudou Boy” is based on a true myth happened in Kuching, Sarawak and it’s printed in bilingual languages enable readers to understand the story better. Back in 1884, a severe fire happened at Carpenter Street and China Street that burned down hundreds of shophouses. Suddenly out of the blue, miracle happened and the fire was extinguished. What is exactly the miracle that brought the fire to an end? Have you heard about this story from your past generations before? Support our local product to know more about your homeland – Kuching and pass it on to our kids as well!

发生于砂拉越古晋老街的一场大火,让五条街道陷入火海,数百栋点店屋烧成灰烬。 传说中,凤山寺的红肚兜男孩拥有呼风唤雨的能力,能化解这场灾难。

In 1884, The Great FIre of Kuching, Sarawak burned streets and hundreds of shophouses were reduced to ashes. In the legend, the mysterious little Red Dudou Boy who lives in Feng Shan Si has the power to control the weather, and it could rescue the Old Kuching from the disaster.
Back to 1884, the Red Dudou Boy is hiding among the 4 players! Can you reach the ENDING POINT first and FIND him? Hurry, the game has started!