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Trap The Words

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“Trap the Words” is an engaging card game that helps the players to improve their vocabulary and identify word classes in a fast and easy way!

Are you looking for ways to help your children to get smarter outside the classroom?
If yes, then this is the product for you! Trap the Words is an original set of educational card games designed by enthusiastic teachers, Teacher Nazmi and Teacher Catherine Janet, illustrated and produced by Illustrato Studio. A set of card games that is so fun you’ll forget you’re even practicing English! Perfect for playing with friends and family, each game targets the most vital English skills and so much fun you’ll forget you’re even learning English!

What’s inside the box
• 134 pieces of cards: The cards are 5.5cm x 9.5cm, printed and trimmed professionally so yourlittle prince or princess hands won’t get paper cuts.
• 98 pieces of Letter Cards: Each letter card has a unique representative illustration on it.
• 31 pieces of Special Cards: 5 different action cards do not award any points on but insteadare played to stifle your opponents’ progress or give you a competitive edge.
• 4 pieces of Blank Cards: A warm caring from us to prepare some blank cards for you in casesome cards went missing.
• 1 piece of Accessories List Card: A list of accessories included in the package

The game box: Dimensions was designed to fit right into your shelf and remain highly portable.
The instruction/rules are printed on the game box which saves space and paper, and brings convenience to you.

- Malaysia’s own branded card game
- Gamification learning tool
- Colourful cards printed on both sides and unique representative illustration for every card
- Compact size, easy to bring around
- Can be played during family time at home, during holidays, camps, relief classes, English
lessons, co-curricular activities, or even English Language competitions!
- Fun and effective English resource for parents and classrooms all over the country
- Enhance 21st Century 4Cs learning skills (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration,
- Sparks interest in learning English, improve vocabulary and spelling skills
- Exercise the brain and keeps the mind sharp

How to play
This game is as simple as it gets. Every player uses their cards in hand to trap a word and gain the highest points possible to be the winner of the round.
2 to 6 players score points by placing the letter cards in a track form. Players draw a card from the deck and use their letter-cards in hand to trap (form) a word horizontally across the track.
A player must place a letter-card or an action-card at the end of the track if a word is “trapped” by the player. The game ends when all the cards have been drawn or one player uses the last card in hand. Remember, it’s not about how many words you “trapped” but how many points you can “trapped”!

This card game comes along with special action-cards to help you or create obstacles to other players! With special cards, you can lock a word from the track. With special cards, you can use it to be any letter that you like. With special cards, you can demand all other players to form a word from their cards in hand, if they fail to, a penalty card is waiting for them! You never know what card you’ll get but anyway you play! FUN, INTERESTING, and ENGAGING crossword card game.